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Mike Malicky – Cross Country Coach

The East Holmes School district is happy to announce Mike Malicky as the new middle school and high school Cross Country coach for the 2019 season!

Mike is a Kansan native who grew up in a small town of 800 where church, agriculture and high school sports formed the spokes of the town cultures wheel house.

Coming from a family of educators and athletes and running cross country and track in junior high and high school in addition to other sports, taught him the value of perseverance.  Although physically built more for contact sports such as football and rugby, he enjoyed the challenge of running and admired those who could run for miles with ease.  One of his college buddies still holds national records in cross country from the 1980’s.

Mike spent four tours in S.E Asia in the early 1980’s in The U.S. Foreign Service building roads, schools and water systems (pipelines), steel and concrete infrastructure in short.    Following return to The U.S., he spent 20 years in corporate America again in operations for large utilities putting in pipeline, developing operations centers, emergency response teams and disaster recovery procedures.

In the early 2000’s he left the corporate side and purchased a small oil and gas pipeline company in Geneva, Ohio.  He was fortunate to be a part of a team to build it from one county to three states and from six to 60 full time union employees (operating engineers, laborers and teamsters).  Selling that firm in August of 1987 (before the crash) he moved to Holmes county where he purchased an 800 acre abandoned strip mine five miles north of Sugarcreek from Holmes Limestone.

He and began the reclamation process using a substantial amount of compost, heavy equipment old fashioned work.

Five years later and reclaimed, the farm produced 500 acres of high quality alfalfa hay and supported 200 head of livestock, Hereford Cattle, Dorset Sheep and Boer Goats.  Following the sale of the bulk of the property, equipment and livestock in 2018 and 2019, Mother Earth Farms continues to serve other farmers in the area with bedding and shavings products.

Mike now spends most of his time building off his experiences, exploring opportunities while enjoying spending time with his family Heather, George and Caroline living just outside of Berlin.

We look forward to having Mike’s experience and enthusiasm building our cross country program!