Hawks News · Hiland Athletic Physical Information for 2020-2021 School Year

Hiland Athletic Department will not provide mass physicals this summer.

In recent days, the OHSAA has provided guidance on athletic physicals for the 2020-2021 school year. From their communication:

PPE/Athletic Physicals: The following has been recommended by the OHSAA’s Joint Advisory Committee on Sports Medicine:

  1. Continue with the requirement for an annual Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) – every 13 months – for all 7-12 grade students.
  2. Recommend strongly discouraging the use of mass physicals for this upcoming school year for the benefit of public health and to recommend all students receive a PPE in a private setting. 
  3. Strongly recommend that the physical exam be done at a medical home. 
  4. Allow a student who has had a PPE within the last year to conduct his/her 2020-21 PPE in person or via telehealth as long as the usual forms are filled out, signed and in the provider’s hands prior to the visit. 

East Holmes Family Care, the group (along with other medical professionals) who has been doing Hiland’s mass physicals, agrees with the OHSAA’s recommendation.

Most health insurance plans provide athletic physicals as wellness checks for no cost; however, it’s suggested you discuss cost at the time of scheduling the appointment with your health provider.

Another option for those who need a physical, Pomerene Kinetics is offering July 16, 3-7pm free physicals at their Kinetics location (1237 Glen Drive, Millersburg). For additional information, click on this link to schedule your appointment:

Pomerene Kinetics Information

Students can stop at Hiland High School (during normal hours) and pick up their physical packets. A box with physical packets is placed in the lobby by the office.

Also, the athletic physical form and all required school forms are available for download on www.hilandathletics.com under the “MORE” tab.

Any questions, please contact Art Yoder at art.yoder@eastholmes.org