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Hiland Athletics… Home of a Family of Champions! From fans (inside and outside the district), parents, players and coaches that make up this unique community, there’s no better place for education-based athletics!

I’m Art Yoder, and I’ve just completed my fifth year as Athletic Administrator for Hiland High School. Starting out with John Hudson, Roger Dunn, Colin Mishler and most recent Erik Beun, I’ve been given the opportunity to be intentional in kids lives on (and off) the athletic fields and court.

Articles, pictures, game results and information are designed to keep people involved in Hiland Athletics up to date and in the “know” of what’s happening at our school. We hope you regularly check in to see what’s happening.

Bookmark www.hilandathletics.com and welcome to the family!

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2016-2017 season


Art Yoder, Athletic Administrator – RAA
4400 State Route 39 East
P.O. Box 275
Berlin, OH 44610-0275
School: 330.893.2626
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